This is the Cookie Policy of KandyMask Europe - trade name of Flep Holding B.V. (hereinafter: "KandyMask"). We explain how the websites (hereinafter the "Website") make use of Cookies and similar techniques.


Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer, smartphone or other device when you visit our Website. Cookies help us to function, analyse and personalise the website. In addition, we may use cookies for security purposes and to prevent and combat misuse and fraud of our services.

We use so-called first party cookies (cookies placed by us) and third-party cookies (placed by third parties).

KandyMask also uses techniques similar to cookies, such as web beacons and link tracking. Web beacons check whether you see or have seen a particular web page or e-mail. Link tracking adds certain elements to a URL so that we can recognize you when you click through to the Website from our emails. Hereafter, cookies and similar techniques will be collectively referred to as "Cookies".

We give you the choice to accept or reject cookies (with the exception of functional cookies and analytical cookies with minor privacy implications). You can also modify your web browser settings to decline cookies. As a result, our website may no longer function fully.


KandyMask uses the following type of Cookies:

  • Functional Cookies. These are Cookies that are necessary to provide the services you have requested, for example to remember what you have placed in the shopping basket, to ensure that you do not have to log in again and again and to load the Website evenly.

  • Analytical Cookies (first and third-party). These are, for example, Cookies that analyse and map the use of the Website and App, such as the number of visitors and the pages viewed, so that we can improve the quality and/or effectiveness of the Website. These cookies only have a minor impact on your privacy. This category also includes affiliate Cookies that track which ad leads to the purchase of a certain product, so that the person who has shown this ad (the affiliate) can receive a reward from the advertiser. The statistics and other reports cannot be traced back to individuals.

  • Tracking Cookies (first and third-party). These are cookies that are used to record your surfing behaviour so that we (or third parties) can make you targeted offers and display content that is relevant to you. We do this not only via the Website, but also via advertisements that are displayed. If tracking cookies are not used, this does not mean that you will no longer be shown advertisements. In that case, the advertisements are only no longer tailored to your personal preferences and interests.



When you visit our Website, we ask permission to use tracking cookies and social media plugins by showing you a clear message. You accept cookies by clicking on "agree".



You can further withdraw your consent at any time by deleting all Cookies in your browser and/or setting your browser not to accept Cookies. Blocking or deleting Cookies may result in certain parts of the Website not working (optimally). When deleting all Cookies, so-called "do not track" or "opt-out" Cookies may be deleted, as a result of which you will be asked for permission again.



The information collected or otherwise read through cookies may contain personal data, such as your IP address. If this is the case, the processing of these personal data also includes the Privacy policy applicableKandyMask .



This Cookie Policy is subject to change. Last modified was on 27/04/2020.



If you have any questions about this Cookie Policy, please send an e-mail to



Functional Cookies:

  • Optin: Saving the cookie opt-in/opt-out. domain: - duration: 1 year
  • authentication token: Remembering login information you enter. domain: - duration: 1 year
  • SecureSessionID: To secure the website against intrusions from outside. domain: - duration: session
  • cc: Used to keep the shopping basket of unregistered users available between sessions. domain: - duration: 30 days
  • sid: is used to recognize someone about pages you are viewing. domain: - duration: session
  • NID: Remember Google settings. domain: - duration: 2 years
  • HSID, SID, SIDCC: Security cookies used by Google to confirm user authenticity, prevent fraudulent use of login data and protect user data from unauthorized access. domain: - duration: 2 years
  • sess: Test if AppNexus is allowed to place cookies. domain: duration: 90 days

Analytical Cookies:

  • *: Used to recognize users across sessions. domain: - duration: 2 years
  • *: Used to measure sessions of a user. domain: - duration: session
  • _ga: Used to differentiate users. domain: Google Analytics - duration: 2 years
  • _gid: Used to differentiate users. domain: Google Analytics - duration: 1 day
  • _gat: Used to limit the number of requests. domain: Google Analytics - duration: 1 minute
  • __gads: Cookie that is placed on the local domain and is used for measurement, reporting, frequency capping and forecasting. This cookie can not be read by Google. domain: Google Analytics - duration: 2 years
  • dc_gtm: Used to limit the number of requests. domain: - duration: 1 minute
  • gac: Used to remember through which online marketing campaign the site is visited. domain: - duration: 90 days
  • Conversion: Used to measure conversions where Google Ads has been part of the customer journey. domain:com - duration:92 days
  • APISID: Cookie that shows which media used by Google Ads is effective. Based on this, the online media partner is also dealt with. domain:com - duration:2 years
  • fbq: Used to measure conversions where Facebook has been part of the customer journey. domain:com - duration:180 days
  • BrowserId: Remembers the browser type used by the customer. domain:com - duration:1 month
  • Language: Remembers the language set by the customer (in the browser). - duration:session
  • dbk_user_country: Used to recognise from which country you are visiting the website. domain:nl - duration:30 days
  • dbk_notice_dismissed: This cookie remembers whether you want to be redirected to one of our other websites when you visit it from another country. domain:nl - duration:7 days

Other (tracking) Cookies and social media plugins:

  • Facebook Pixel: This pixel and Facebook Cookies collect information about how a user uses the website. This information is used to display on Facebook the most relevant ad for a specific user. Facebook uses this information for its own advertising purposes. domain:
  • Datr: Used to identify browsers to promote the security and integrity of the Website, including account recovery, and to identify potentially stolen accounts. domain: - duration: 2 years.
  • 00: Register ad opt-out domain: - duration: 5 years
  • Ddid: Used to open an advertiser's app after an ad in a specific place. domain: - duration: 28 days
  • Sb: Improve recommendations for friends on Facebook. domain: - duration: 2 years
  • Campaign_click_url: Used to remember what Facebook URL a visitor lands on when he clicks on an ad that links to Facebook. domain: - duration: 30 days
  • Fr: Deliver, measure, and improve the relevance of ads. domain: - duration: 90 days
  • Uuid2: The cookie contains a unique value that makes it possible to recognize browsers and devices. It is linked to information - such as interests and segments for advertisements displayed in the browser or on the device. domain: - duration: 90 days
  • icu: Limits the number of times you see the same ad. domain: - duration: 90 days
  • any: ID synchronization makes it possible to use data from other partners outside the platform. domain: - duration: 90 days
  • C: Identifies whether users accept cookies from Adform itself. 1 - Cookies are allowed 3 - Opt-out domain: - duration: 60 days
  • CM14: Checks whether cookies can be placed. domain: - duration: 14 days
  • cid & uid: Identification of a visitor. domain: - duration: 2 months
  • scr0_[id], lp_custom_[id]: The anonymous data of this cookie is gathered in a central adserver. The information allows advertisements to be personalized and targeted (e.g. the last product viewed). domain: - duration: 31 days
  • _ga: Used to distinguish users. domain: - duration: 2 years
  • _gid: Used to distinguish users. domain: - duration: 1 day
  • _gat: Used to limit the number of requests. domain: - duration: 1 minute
  • __gads: Cookie that is placed on the local domain and is used for measurement, reporting, frequency capping and forecasting. With permission for tracking cookies, this information is also used by Google. domain: - duration: 2 years
  • AID: This cookie links your activity on devices you have previously logged into your Google Account. This is done to coordinate the ads shown to you on different devices and to measure conversions. domain: - duration: 2 years
  • SAPISID: Cookie that allows Google to collect user information for videos hosted by YouTube. domain: - duration: 2 years
  • ANID: Showing advertisements on other websites. domain: - duration: 2 years
  • 1P_JAR: Google ad cookie to track users and display targeted ads. domain: - duration: 2 years
  • IDE: Cookie from Google Doubleclick for reporting purposes to collect cross device insights. domain: - duration: 13 months.
  • ID: With Google audiences we measure how you use the site. With this knowledge we try to make our offer as relevant as possible for you. domain: - duration: 2 years.
  • Test_cookie: Cookie from Google Doubleclick to check whether the user's browser supports cookies. domain: - duration: 2 years
  • MUID: Used by Bing Ads to count valid clicks for targeted ads and measure conversions where Bing has been part of the customer journey. domain: - duration: 1 year.
  • MUIDB: Provides a backup of the MUID cookie if the browser crashes or restarts. domain: - duration: 2 years
  • _uetsid: Microsoft Bing Ads Universal Event Tracking (UET) tracking cookie used for targeted ads. domain: - duration: 1 day
  • sc_at: These pixel and Snapchat Cookies are used for targeted ads. domain: - duration: 13 months
  • _pinterest_sess: These Pinterest tracking cookies are used for targeted ads. domain: - duration: 1 year
  • _pinterest_ct: These Pinterest tracking cookies are used for targeted ads. domain: - duration: 1 year
  • _pinterest_ct_mw: These Pinterest tracking cookies are used for targeted ads. domain: - duration: 1 year
  • _pinterest_ct_rt: These Pinterest tracking cookies are used for targeted ads. domain: - duration: 1 year

We do our utmost to keep this information up to date. Should you nevertheless encounter a cookie that is not on this list, you can report this to us via

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