Choose the Right Size Face Mask

Choose the right size face mask

As a rule of thumb, we use bodyweight as the indicator to determine the right size for your face mask. This works for 95% of the cases. If you want to be sure that your face mask will fit you perfectly, you can measure your face and see which size is the best.

The 'Sizes'-table

Size Height Length Length with Earloops Rule of thumb (For everyone ...)
S 11.3 cm 17.5 cm 26 cm Between 20 and 35 kg
M 13.3 cm 21.5 cm 30 cm Between 36 and 75 kg
L 13.5 cm 23.5 cm 32 cm Between 76 and 105 kg
XL 15.5 cm 25.5 cm 35 cm Between 106 and 140 kg


Measure your own Nose-to-Chin Distance (Height):

Measure the distance starting from the middle of your nose to 1 centimeter under your chin. This distance corresponds to the 'height' of the face mask in the sizes table.

Nose-to-Chin Distance



Measure your own Ear-to-Ear Distance (Length):

Measure the distance from the inside of your antihelix in the auricle (see red dot in drawing of the ear) to the inside of your antihelix in your other auricle, measured over the middle of your nose. This distance corresponds to the 'length with ear straps' of the face mask in the sizes table.

Ear-to-Ear Distance auricle with antihelix highlighted


These are my facial measurements; which size do I choose now?

My Nose-to-Chin Distance My Ear-to-Ear Distance Best Size
Between 10-12 cm Less than 27 cm  Small
Between 12 and 13.5 cm Between 27 and 32 cm Medium
Between 13 and 15 cm Between 31 and 36 cm Large
Between 14 and 16.5 cm Between 35 and 40 cm  Extra Large

As you can see, there's a little overlap:

  • Are you falling between two sizes and a spectacle wearer? Then take the smaller of the two sizes. Because of the tighter fit, you make sure that as little moist air as possible flows past your glasses, so they don't fog up.

  • When you're falling between two sizes, both sizes will fit you well. It's about your preference; do you prefer a tight-fitting face mask, then take the smaller of the 2 sizes. Do you prefer a somewhat looser fit, then take the larger of the 2 sizes.

    • If you need to talk a lot / loudly with your face mask on (such as teachers), your mouth will open extra, so you can use extra height in your face mask . Grab a size bigger and reduce the length of the ear loops with tighteners if necessary.

    If you have any questions about your facial measurements or choice of the right size, please contact us via our contact form. We are happy to help you personally with choosing the right size!

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