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The 'KandyMask N99face masks' story begins more than 16 years ago, when former professional ice hockey player and Canadian founder Iannique Renaud decided to travel through China for 3 months. He liked it so much that he decided to stay.

When his son was born in Shanghai, as a baby, he suffered from severe respiratory problems due to the heavy air pollution. He had to stay in the hospital several times, where the doctors treated him on his respiratory tract. Iannique distressed by the image of his young son on the respirator to such an extent that he set his mind on looking for a non-invasive solution.

Iannique researched which air filter technologies and filter materials were available, with which he could protect his son. He built his own filter system for his son's bedroom. 

After the solution was developed for indoors, Iannique also wanted to protect his son outdoors. This is how it KandyMask face mask came into being. Using the knowledge and experience in air filtration, Iannique designed a face mask that was both stylish and incredibly effective. With effective protection inside and out, Iannique's son was completely cured of respiratory complaints.

The journey begun over 16 years ago with Iannique building his air filtration company, which has become one of the most respected air filtration companies in Asia, with more than 60 employees and 3 offices worldwide. The air quality department was acquired by a multinational company in 2017. Iannique, however, retained the face masks department, which is now called KandyMask.

Iannique is currently back in Montreal, Canada, so that his children can breathe clean air again. He has since spent his time perfecting the KandyMask face masks. KandyMask has become the premium face mask for which it is known. 

Our mission for KandyMask is to ensure that no parent has to see her/his child suffer from respiratory problems due to air pollution.


Who's KandyMask there for?

  • For all schools and universities that want to protect their pupils and students
  • For all companies that want to protect their employees
  • For all families and individuals who want extra protection
  • Health, Wellness companies and retailers who want to distribute KandyMask and increase turnover

What is our business model?

We have the luxury of having our own production and not being dependent on third parties. We believe that this gives us the unique opportunity to guarantee the quality of each individual face mask.


Thanks for choosing KandyMask!

Founder, Iannique Renaud


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